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Fireworks Kansas City has always been known for their free family fun environment in the Kansas City area.  We have a carnival like atmosphere with inflatable moonwalks, giant slides and several other kiddie rides.


Fireworks Kansas City carries an incredible selection of high-quality fireworks. Unlike many stands that only feature one brand, we hand-pick the best of the best from major brands like Shogun, Dominator, Brothers, Cannon etc. to make sure your firework experience is nothing short of breath-taking.



Fireworks Kansas City has been in existence since 1981 and was started by the Lloyd family.  In 1993 Fireworks Kansas City made a move to its current location at which time our focus was to create a family fun environment for all of our fireworks customers. Since that time, Fireworks Kansas City has grown to become the largest outdoor fireworks retailer in the Midwest.  Fireworks Kansas City offers a unique experience for children and their parents to come out and enjoy several different games, rides and contests while shopping for their fireworks.


All You Can Grab Contestant

You can’t miss us located at 151st and Holmes with our giant inflatable Uncle Sam, our one of a kind flagger and all of our signs along the road guiding you to the most unique fireworks spot in Kansas City!