Jami, owner of Fireworks Kansas City smiling with an employee

Jami, owner of Fireworks Kansas City smiling with an employee

Jami’s Firework Safety Tips

Fireworks are fun, but they can also be dangerous if mishandled. The Consumer Product Safety Commission warns that the misuse of fireworks could cause serious injury, but correct handling is a good time for all. The National Council on Firework Safety cautions people to use common sense when handling everyone favorite summertime explosives. Both organizations offer tips to keep yourself and your loved ones safe when handling fireworks.

  1. Always buy your fireworks from a reliable source
  2. Follow the safety labels
  3. Follow local laws concerning fireworks
  4. Never allow a young child to use fireworks
  5. Children should always be supervised by an adult and never allowed to light fireworks on their own
  6. Never cover a firework with part of your own body
  7. Never point a firework (bottle rocket, Roman candle, etc.) at another person
  8. Don’t carry fireworks in your pocket
  9. Never relight a “dud,” wait at least 20 minutes and then douse in water
  10. Soak used fireworks in water before throwing away
  11. Never use fireworks near vehicles or buildings
  12. Alcohol should never be a part of your fireworks activities, wait until after the party to drink
  13. Always  have a source of water nearby to put out fires or for other emergencies
  14. Back a safe distance away from fireworks after lighting the fuse

Be safe and have fun with your fireworks. Handle fireworks with respect and ensure a nice and unforgettable evening for all (or day if you prefer bottle rockets and firecrackers). Be smart, stay safe, and most importantly, have fun.


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